A downloadable game for Windows

Game created for Search for a Star.

Embrace your powers, young Geomancer, build the islands to walk across, stop your enemies with walls and blow them away with your explosives, but be careful, touching the water will result in sudden death, only one will remain, will it be you?

Controls  (Xbox One Controller): 

  • A - Push Away
  • B - Buld Bomb (release to launch)
  • X - Build Island
  • Y - Build Wall
  • L Stick- Move


Geomancers with Explosives 35 MB


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Hello.  The company Aardvark Swift informed me about the 'Search for the Star' plan and many games are being submitted and they sent me the link for this game, I am told many will be submitted so I look forward in the next few weeks to trying your games and giving feedback, hehe.